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About Tim

Award-winning fitness educator Tim Arem's popularity reflects a personal commitment he believes in strongly - sharing health, fitness, education and entertainment with children and adults of all ages!

Tim has portrayed all sorts of characters from Ronald McDonald, Mac Tonight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Striker (Mascot for the World Cup Soccer),Cozmo (the LA Galaxy Mascot), but he didn't find his life's mission until he became T-Bone.

In the guise of T-Bone, a brightly colored costumed running enthusiast and educator Arem shares the benefits of children's health and physical fitness. He connects with more than a 500,000 families in running events nationwide, unprecedented in his field.

"My mission is health and fitness from youth to adulthood," said Tim, a Los Angeles resident who holds a master degree in education. "With so many exciting things in our culture like computers, video games and TV, it's definitely a fun challenge to teach kids about the importance of eating right and staying fit. I really believe the message is getting out there. I'm asked back year after year to more than 40 different races a year."

Tim, a dynamic live entertainer, leads a pre race warm-up, running with the children while encouraging them along the way and performs his new extravaganza, "T-Bone's Energize!" T-Bone performs an interactive stage spectacular of music, world-class magic, fitness and mayhem.

Tim helped establish David Copperfield's Project Magic at the Los Angeles Children's Hospital and has performed with Harry Blackstone Jr. He is celebrated internationally with performing tours of Nepal, Thailand, Canada, Japan, Israel and Ireland. In the United States he has been featured In the Los Angeles Times and on Late Night with David Letterman, ESPN, NBC, and ABC network programs.

Tim's love and concern for children extends across the United States by actively supporting the Special Olympics. He is an inspiration for motivating teachers and students in schools with his fitness pep rallies.

"Running excites, inspires and enriches children as it teaches them important life lessons like discipline, coordination, teamwork and self-esteem," says Tim. "The best part of being T-Bone is seeing the children's smiles as they cross the finish line. I feel very fortunate to be playing a role in many families lives through fitness. That is the kind of contribution that makes my job so fulfilling!"

- Tim Arem, M.Ed.
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